Carols at the Leanyer Water Park 13th December 2015.

Christmas Carols by Candlelight

Image courtesy of nuchylee at

Churches of Darwin and YMCA joined forces to present the carols at the Water Park.
What a great night 350-400 people. 500 or more mosquitoes.

Fijian choir.

Fijian choir.

New and Old Carols, were sung with great gusto. A message of hope there to be heard.
Candles galore being waved in the night.



One lone piper on the bagpipes.

No rain – for which we were very thankful.

Enjoying the carols

Enjoying the carols

Loads of snags cooked and eaten. Yummy, tasty watermelon.
Fantastic that we can donate $281.65 to COMPASSION.

Thank you to all who helped out, gave generously and sang along to their hearts content .

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